Student Government appropriations occur twice every year. As a committee, SG Appropriations seeks to optimally distribute funding to student organizations for what they need most.

Appropriations Process

The Spring Break 2017-Fall Break 2017 Appropriations Application is now closed. If you can’t find answers to your questions in the information below, please email

There are multiple categories of ineligibility, which can be viewed by changing the page at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Check this list before applying. If you are ineligible please read the descriptions as you may be able to become eligible.  If your organization does not appear under any class on the ineligibility list then your organization is ELIGIBLE to apply for appropriations.



Here is the bill that lists allocations for the Fall BREAK 2016 to Spring BREAK 2017 Cycle. These receipts will be due in the April time frame. 

Receipt Submission Form

Helpful tips to prepare for the application process:

  1. Ensure your organization’s registration is current.  Go to Get Involved at to update your organization’s registration, click on Organizations, search for your organization name, IF – Register This Organization Button – appears below your organization, click on the Button and update your registration information.
  2. Ensure your organization is eligible. Check the Ineligibility List and the corresponding class descriptionsIf class 2 or 3, turn receipts in by the application deadline.
  3. Review the Appropriations Packet for complete instructions on navigating through the process.
  4. Watch the Help Session and Complete Corresponding Quiz- COMPLETING THE HELP SESSION BY A MEMBER OF THE ORGANIZATION IS MANDATORY FOR CONSIDERATION. The last help session will be Thursday, September 8th, four days before the application is due.
  5. Plan out the budget for the funds you are requesting. Download The Appropriations Budget Tool from google sheets as a tool for both balancing and executing your application’s budget well. You must upload a link to a budget made using this tool to your application.
  6. Apply – using this form:  SG Appropriations Application
  7. Ask questions before the deadlines!  All questions should be directed to
  8. Don’t wait until the last day to turn in required documents or start your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Requirements

To learn more about the Appropriations process, contact the Appropriations Committee: