What is Student Government?

Student Government was founded in 1921 as a student-run organization that serves as the official voice of the student body.  We attempt to better the student experience at NC State by functioning as a governing body and advocacy group.  Involved in policy-making, adjudication, programming, lobbying, community services, and countless other activities, we work alongside administrators to address student concerns. Student Government operates with a three-branch divided powers system.

Legislative Authority rests with the Student Senate, a 64-member body that adopts formal stances on issues of concern, allocates the Student Government budget, and investigates complex matters.  Executive authority is granted to the Student Body President and his or her branch of departments.  The Executive Branch advocates through action: hosting town halls, sponsoring programming events (e.g., Campout and Respect the Pack), and leading initiatives.  The third branch of Student Government is the Judicial Branch which adjudicates alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct, including academic integrity violations.


Founded and funded by students, the NC State University Student Government encourages students to express their concerns and ideas, promotes an environment of open discourse and academic excellence, and proactively represents the student voice to the University administration and Board of Trustees through ethical and accountable public services.

Recent Work: It’s On Us

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Dec 12
  • Dec 12
    GSA TE Committee Meeting

    Location: Talley Student Union 4251D

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Dec 13
Dec 15
  • Dec 15
    Hillsborough Street Commission Meeting

    Location: 2416 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27607, Stati Uniti

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