NC State University Student Government


Wolfpack Nation,

It is an honor to serve as your Student Body President and Vice President. Students have entrusted us with a great responsibility and we will do everything in our power to achieve what we outlined during the campaign.

Even though it’s summer break, we’re all still working hard to make sure we serve the students well. The Executive Branch has been constructed and department heads are already in the midst of planning events for the upcoming year. The Legislative Branch is constantly thinking of new ways to address issues facing students. All members across the board are laying the ground-work for what is sure to be an amazing year.

If at any point over the summer you find yourself in need of answers or assistance, please navigate the website to find the appropriate parties. We are all servant leaders and are here for no other reason but to serve the great members of the Wolfpack.

10960319_10205620446967822_8499101995336306584_oWe look forward to yet another amazing year at NC State, and as always, Go Pack!

Khari Cyrus and Nate Bridgers
Student Body President and Vice President