NC State University Student Government

Wolfpack Nation,

NC State Football

Over the past few weeks, we’ve embarked on an already successful journey. We hope that everyone has settled into their living arrangements and are reacclimating well to the pressures of academia and social life in Raleigh. On behalf of Student Government, we are issuing this letter as a reminder of your diligent workforce you have in us and as an update on our current progresses.

The Executive Branch of Student Government is now solidified, and the six Executive Departments are operating at full-speed-ahead. The Communications Department, directed by Jasmine Scheitler, is currently working on projects to make our Government more transparent. We aim to do a monthly Student Government Report over WolfBytes (, increase our activity on Twitter (@NCStateSG), and release short videos through YouTube and Instagram. The Traditions Department, directed by Gavin Harrison, is busy planning our annual Campout, and as is the tradition, the Campout will be held on NC State’s Main Campus this year. The Diversity Department, directed by Maurita Harris, after seeing great success with Respect the Pack in August, is moving forward with planning Diversity Education Week to be held the last week in October. The Athletics Department, directed by Carly Dressen, has overhauled our Football Parking Pass Distribution system, and in partnership with the Traditions Department will bring this year’s Throwback with the Pack (previously Primetime) to campus in conjunction with Campout. The University Affairs Department, directed by Carson Shepherd, is currently working on a documentary-style project to bring to light student concerns about sexual assault on campus. The Governmental Relations Department, directed by Josue Berduo, is hosting voter registration drives on Wednesdays in the Brickyard from 10 am to 2 pm.

The Legislative Branch, which houses your Student Senate, has begun their session and meet every other week at 7:30pm in the Talley Governance Chambers (4th floor, Talley Student Union). As new legislation is debated and passed, we will keep you all informed via Facebook, Twitter, and various other media sources (mentioned above), but the most efficient way is to frequent our website, and navigate under the Legislative tab, or visit the meetings of your Student Senate, as they are open to the public.

In conclusion, we bid you all success in the coming weeks, as many of you will have your first round of exams for the semester coming up very soon. Study early and study often, avoid cramming, but be thorough, and always remember to strike a work-life balance. As a Wolfpack, we will continue to fight with increasing tenacity on the gridiron, the pitch, and the court. Ladies and gentlemen, support your athletic representatives in all that they do, as they are among some of the schools most visible ambassadors, and they too are members of our NC State family. A family that embraces its diversity, acts on thoughts of innovations, and defends its honor, whatever the cost may be.

Rusty Mau & Devan Riley


Good luck and Godspeed,

Rusty Mau and Devan Riley
Student Body President and Vice President