NC State University Student Government

Wolfpack Nation,

Rusty Mau and Devan RileyAs the days become shorter and the humidity of the Old North State’s summer gives way to cool, fall days perfectly suited for tailgating and football, we would like to welcome you back to Raleigh, NC, where the winds of Dixie softly blow. I hope the summer has rested and prepared you to work tirelessly in the coming year to help us make NC State University the best it can be.

This university, as a students first university, has for you a bountiful harvest of unique opportunities that will not only add value to your degree but will also develop your leadership and build your character. We wish you to delve deep into these opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, and always seek the brick road less-traveled. This passion for challenge will surely lead to failures, but from ashes of failure rise leaders bonded together in friendship and perseverance. You must embrace each and every one of your failures in order to fully understand the magnitude of your successes, and we truly hope that each of you will have successes great in number.

For those of you who are just beginning your journey, we extend a special welcome to you and a charge. Acceptance to NC State is not a reward for your accomplishments in high school, it is an investment in your potential. We implore you live every day by this mantra. Upperclassmen, we encourage you to continue to work hard and play hard, and do so in a way that sets a dignified example for those that follow in your footsteps.

Fellow students, know that in us you have a microphone for your voice, a vessel for your goals for the university, and servants to work with unyielding dedication. Please know that we have an open-door policy in our office and will strive to be readily available for contact.

Good luck and Godspeed,

Rusty Mau and Devan Riley
Student Body President and Vice President